Joanne has owned the Fabric patch for more than 8 years now, and before this had worked for the Fabric Patch’s former owners, before she bought them out. Part of the reason Joanne got into the fabrics and sewing industry, is that when she was younger she knew that she enjoyed people so much and talking to them that she would probably have to bag groceries so she could get enough contact with people.

She likes the quilt shop business and activity and helping people so much that even if she lived somewhere else she would be in the quilt shop business. Her fabric store is one of the best in the region and being that she likes to teach and has a strong passion, as does her staff, it’s a fun place to shop too.

Joanna loves to teach. All her teachers are knowledgeable quilters that know color, yardage, and technique. This is her chosen profession. One of the greatest joys of being a teacher for Joanne is seeing the “light bulbs” go off within her students once they have had an epiphany.

Computers are part of the quilting world now and have opened up a new medium so not only are there the traditional hand techniques but there are machines manufactured by Viking that use software and can do anything from embroidery, machine quilting and appliqué. Joanne understands that with the advent of machine quilting there has been a resurgence in hand techniques as well the new techniques with the machine.

The Fabric Patch manages classes in machine quilting and also does one on tutoring with the machine. Joanne once had a student who was having trouble creating a rose with the machine and she spent several hours with her in training. Shortly thereafter, Joanne started teaching a class at the Fabric patch with 43 ladies called Adventures in Sewing at a banquet room in a local restaurant.

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